It is not something that ought to sound new to the ears that black tapware is good, and it is one of the tapware finishes that almost everyone loves to use in their kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, countless contractors out there cannot introduce any other tapware finishes to their clients except black tapware. Most contractors and plumbers in Australia love to present this unique tapware to their clients because of its uniqueness and how it complements the beauty of other natural materials like marble and timber. Honestly, I don’t know if you have seen it before. It is beautiful, especially when black tapware is combined with some natural materials.

Also, there have been countless write-ups on the benefits of using black tapware in kitchens and bathrooms. Still, it is tough to see the disadvantages or the deficiencies in installing this black tapware in kitchens and bathrooms. You might be wondering if there are deficiencies in using black tapware. Of course, there are disadvantages to using it. However, you can also get more black bathroom designs on

Deficiencies in the usage of black tapware

There’s nothing to worry about. This article will point at some of those deficiencies that you need to know, and the decision to install it will come from you and not from what someone had suggested or written. 

Do you intend to install black tapware in your bathroom or your kitchen? I would implore you to hold on for some minutes. Take your time to read this article before deciding or using it in your bathroom. The reason is that you may likely see something here that might seem to be what you don’t want. It is not too late to know some facts about black tapware. Remember, this article is based on digging deep into the cons of installing black tapware.

Therefore, below are the disadvantages of black tapware;

  1. It will fade: One bad news in installing black tapware is fading away. In fact, it may not last up to a year that the color will begin to fade away little by little. As beautiful as it may be at first, you will see it fading gradually if you go and check it in the next few months. And this may cause extra charges if one changes the tapware every six months. No matter the finish on a black tap, give it just a little time; the color will fade. This is one reason why people tend to neglect this tapware in the market. Have you ever thought about the fact that black tapware is always available in plumbing stores? Of course, plumbers exposed to this secret look for all possible means to redirect their clients if they want them to use black tapware. No one will love to use tapware whose color will fade over time. Therefore, for those contemplating using black tapware, I will advise you to hold on and think twice. There are better options to explore. Remember I said that I am not trying to get you confused, but I am only trying to show you the complete picture of what you need to know about black tapware. See more ideas about bathroom solutions.
  2. It can easily get damaged before it’s been installed: This tapware is the only tapware that can get damaged even before installation. Although the black coating is tough to scratch, it will later scratch from simple plumbing tools that keep the tap in place when installing it. I think one can avoid this second step. And that is if you hire a competent plumber. You must hire a plumber that will carefully install black tapware. He must prevent dents and scratches made from several grips or footprints. Therefore, the plumber must make use of a cloth. He will wrap the fabric around the mixer to ensure that the teeth of the tools don’t scratch the surface of the tap. In fact, plumbers also avoid installing black tapware because it takes a lot of caution and time to install it effectively. It may get damaged even before installing it.Deficiencies in the usage of black tapware
  3. One cannot clean it easily: Black tapware is not like the other tapware finishes that one can get some chemicals to clean it. It can’t be cleaned with chemicals. Not only that, black tapware cannot be cleaned with wax-based cleaners. Can you imagine that? There’s a significant rule that one must not joke with or overlook when black taps. The law is that you don’t use any cleaners on black taps. If you try it, one might end up blaming oneself. Someone is wondering if one can apply chemicals to clean matte black tapware. Please don’t try it. This is one of the issues that one may likely face if one installs black tapware in one’s home. Therefore, it is expedient for one to think twice before installing black tapware in kitchens and bathrooms.
  4. Black tapware will show dust and make-up powder: This point may sound somehow to you. Honestly, I have seen this on several black taps. Those who used to apply powdered make-up in their bathroom should avoid installing black tapware. Once the remnant of the make-up falls on the tap, it can cause it to look cloudy. Black tapware will easily show stains, and it quickly responds to any dust or stain. Therefore, it is expedient that one should take note of this before installing black taps. 


Final words

I will like to chip in that the above-listed points shouldn’t stop you from installing black tapware. You can go ahead and install it but always keep in mind that there are serious things you must do. On the cleaning aspect, you can use mild soapy water to clean and make sure you dry the tapware very well to avoid stains from the water. Finally, for those of you that may find it so hard to follow some instructions on how to maintain it, it would be nice if you could consider using other tapware finishes. They will also give you what you want. Don’t forget to drop your question in the comment box if you have any.